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$ 1.2 billion

Sent to the Pacific by KlickEx users.

“$960 saved per household per year.” -UN

Data Brings Clarity


Electronic initiated

Electronic initiation accounts for 84% of Low Cost Payment Services in the Pacific, leading to lower risks and greater transparency.


E-Commerce & Shopping

Increased control over regional expenditure has increased direct settlement with household goods at major supermarkets in the region.


Air Time Credit

A popular and efficient way to keep in touch with family back home, purchasing Air time credit accounts for 16% of transactions.


Utility Payments

Low Cost real time utility payments including pre-paid power and school fees make up 22% of Pacific Electric Volume.

$ 1.2b in FX Sales

It’s our scale that makes us the market leader in our field. With more than 4.5 million payments, across eight countries, our compliance systems and transaction monitoring data-bases have the scale they need to provide the most comprehensive Data Set in our market, lowering risk and cost for more than 150,000 households in the South Pacific.

Quarterly Household Reach 0%

Retail FX Market Share 0%

IBM partnership: leading technology  innovation

Marketshare Growth reveals good practices

Bank De-risking has lowered send side access to inclusive Financial Services.

Household in receive markets continue extraordinary adoption of Mobile / Digital / Innovation Products.

Consumer data metrics show nearly 70% household penetration and increasing awareness of Digital Infrastructure.


From institutional Foreign Exchange to Domestic Payment Services ranging from KYC Utilities to Biometric and Blockchain Mobile Money, KlickEx delivers robust assets for the Digital era. Learn More


Reaching almost 70% of Household across one of the largest at least populated geographical regions in the world, KlickEx has delivered highly adopted consumer products spanning advanced and emerging economies. Learn More


Built on a Foundation of giving back, KlickEx’s community programs contribute to all aspects of life in our region. Delivering over a billion dollars of Direct Aid in the private sector, our Foundation’s work is focused on Health, Environment, Household and Education. Learn More


What our clients say

$1m Pacific Challenge Lowers Risk

Changing risk and response profiles in the Pacific as digital uptake increases transparency.

Pacific Growth Leads OECD.

Pacific Growth Leads Risk Reduction and Uptake in OECD and remains strong as digital technology creates $1,000,000 per week cost saving.

Bank Volumes Drop Sharply in UK / NZ / AU

Banking Limits – Known as De-Risking cause sharp decline in consumer access to low risk services.

KlickEx - Strength in the Pacific, household participation

Pacific Continues Growth

Clear upward trends in the Pacific mirror high levels of local adoption, and regional transparency.

Awards and Community Recognition

2018 | Top innovators
2017 | Local hero medal – community services
2013 | Top Fintech company of the year
2014 | Top innovators
2013 | Best Global Payments Initiative
2011 | Best Global Payments Initiative of the Year
2014 | Top innovators in Banking (#25)
2013 | Top innovators in Banking (#44)
2013 |Top Low-cost Mobile Foreign Exchange Remittance Program in all Asia
2013 | Winner of the Innotribe Award
2013 | Hi-Tech Young Achiever of the year
2012 | Hi-Tech Young Achiever of the Year
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