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Introducing WanTok Money

KlickEx is proud to announce a partnership with WanTok Mobile, in Tonga and Vanuatu, to bring advanced ICT services, and ambitious Digital Financial Inclusion platforms to the Pacific.




WanTok’s inward remittance service is NOW LIVE, across its network in Tonga, and Vanuatu, with more to come.


WanTok Money is unique; it can be accessed from any mobile phone, not just those of its own network. Designed to be truly interoperable, WanTok Money introduces more flexibility, more reliability, and better options to connect to an increasing range of Digital Financial Solutions for the Pacific.

New Agents

  • New Agent Network
  • Highly Reliable Cash Out
  • 24/7 Services
  • Great Loyalty Rewards
  • Easy, Free to join

Mobile Money App coming Soon

Clients access the WanTok Money service by visiting and sending money home, or viewing money sent, cashing out, or buying WanTok Mobile services. WanTok Money works with, or without a smart-phone, across any network.


WanTok recipients can use WanTok Mobile numbers (beginning with +676 555 xxx in Tonga, and +678 875 xxx in Vanuatu), as well as any Digicel or TCC/U-Call mobile number (Tonga) and Digicel or Vodafone mobile numbers (Vanuatu) to receive funds. KYC and AML is done seamlessly at sign-up, with automated and sophisticated e-KYC onboarding utilized across the Pacific, provided by the KlickEx Guardian® and WorldWire™ compliance platforms.


WanTok Money is a true market leading innovation – and will be deploying soon via Android and iPhone Apps, in initial markets, available from Australia, New Zealand directly via and more than 90 Countries, via the KlickEx Payment Wholesale HUB and API.