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Digital Partnership Growth with Vodafone

KlickEx is proud to enable international transfers to Vodafone’s innovative M-Tala platform. Since 2010, Vodafone has offered Mobile Money in the Pacific. KlickEx and Vodafone work together to incrementally increase the accessibility of financial services, to their large and established customers bases in the Pacific.

Vodafone is the latest and largest new Mobile Network Operator to join KlickEx’s international Payment Network in the Pacific, which includes several MNOs, banks, and MTOs. Vodafone’s ‘always available’ M-Tala product is a fantastic addition to consumer choice in the Pacific – and cements the KlickEx Payment Plaftom’s long serving dominance of real-time cross-border and complex multi currency digital operations, which enables more than 200 MTOs across more than 90 countries to price and deliver real time services across the Pacific.

KlickEx and Vodafone are proud to introduce the following M-Tala services:

Pay your Bills & Utilities

  • With M-Tala you can pay your Vodafone Postpaid Bills
  • SWA Water Bill
  • Buy EPC Prepaid Power
  • Receive Airtime Credit from the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.
  • Receive remittances in over 90 countries around the world.
Buy Echarge:

This Echarge can then be used to buy your Prepaid Data Bundles.

M-Tala is the Launch of Vodafone Mobile Money in Samoa. This innovative product called the M-Tala aims to increase the accessibility of financial services, efficiently & most importantly securely across the entire Samoa, all from your Vodafone Mobile Phone.

With Samoa’s population at over 198,000 people, there are only 4 Commercial Banks, 25 Banking Branches, and 14 Money Transfer Operators meaning accessibility is the biggest impediment to financial inclusion in Samoa.

All payments to and from M-Tala via the KlickEx service are automatically subjected to stringent KYC and Transaction Monitoring and Sanction Screening (including PEP analysis). Senders, Receivers, and all linked institutions are held to global standards for all forms of transaction services compliance.

How do customers use M-Tala?

Customers can now use their existing digital, bank, or traditional MTO to send funds via M-Tala, if that bank is enabled for real-time Pacific transfers. There are more than 200 MTOs and Banks from 90 countries, who make payments via the KlickEx API and Hosted services. The default service is – and more are being added all the time.

Recipient Registration for M-Tala is free, with only 3 easy steps to get you started:

  1. Register at any Vodafone Retail Store or click here to register online.
  2. Receive your confirmation text message with activation key number
  3. Active your M-Tala Account by dialing *175# and using the activation key number.

Should your business be registered with M-Tala?

The M-Tala team have a list of merchants, utility providers, financial organizations and some micro finance organizations who act as a gateway for all businesses & local entrepreneurs to sell their products & receive payments and remittances into their M-Tala mobile wallet in real time.

“M-Tala is an enabling platform, M-Tala is a life changing platform, M-Tala is a platform for you to use to sell your product securely, therefore we invite you to come and talk to Vodafone if you want to take heed of a new technology to help you take your business to another level.”