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2021 – 2022

Seasonal Worker Home Page 2021-2022


Make sure you get the the most, from your Host!

Here are KlickEx, we make sure you get what you need –

  • Great Medical Insurance (see below). Protect yourself, and those you love.
  • Easy Send-Money, Top-Up, Savings, Pension, and Shopping Back Home.
  • Horizon Living – Get a Great House for all your effort!
  • Pension Services – Save a little – it means a lot.
  • Open Bank Accounts in NZ and Australia (see below).
  • The Chairman’s Guarantee – sign up to incredible bundles. 

To the 9,000 RSE workers who we serve: Welcome back, for the 2021-2022 season. We are proud to have been a leading RSE service provider for almost 10 years. Today – our wonderful products include Send Money Home, Top Up, Medical Insurance, Building Supplies, Bank Accounts, Shopping – and just about everything that RSE and Seasonal Workers could need.

Everything we have built – comes from a deep sense of care for our people. We bring you clever products that serve you better – and cost you less. Everything we provide here – we stand behind – and believe it is the best there is.

For us – serving the RSE is a real honour, to be here for you and your work-mates, and your family back home. This is a real privilege for my team, and my family – at this exciting (and difficult) time.

Select any of our services below – and you will not be disappointed. We lead the market in all our fields – and choosing us, to take care of you – is a partnership we believe very deeply in. No nonsense, just thoughtful excellence:

Get some of the best MBIE Approved Medical Insurance for your overseas work visa with the lowest prices (from $2.50 per day) and better payouts in most emergencies.


Up to NZD 1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars) in coverage has been approved and awaits your participation!

Remittance services that have been the long-standing leader in low-cost and high-convenience payments for RSE and SWP workers – and the general public –  for almost 10 years! 24/7 send service and soon, ATM networks for 24/7 cash-out, too.

Send at any time of the day to Digicel, Vodafone, and Wantok in Vanuatu, Tonga, Samoa, and Fiji – Receive even after hours to Franikes Supermarkets in Samoa – and coming soon – the Cook Islands, Kiribati, and PNG; with the region’s leading real time bank-to-bank platform, too.

Checkout your options here:



With WanTok Money you can now send to any mobile number – no need for SIM-swapping or locking yourself into one particular service. Vodafone has the greatest coverage – and Digicel is the market leader in Polynesia.

Buy or subscribe to amazing housing products – get superior quality, at very affordable wholesale prices – including very Special Deals for RSE and SWP Workers (Bulk buying discounts!).


Visit the Website today – and let the team know you would like to join an RSE Worker Bulk Buying group for the lowest possible prices!

Pensions and Savings Products

Coming 2021 – Bespoke, low fee, micro-pensions for the Pacific!

After your health, the safety of your family, and a great roof and home to head back to – the next stage is to think about your long term future. Hejj Pension Products help you put your savings to work for the long term.

Now Live:

  • UTOS Samoa,
  • Robo-AI Auto Fund 1*.

KlickEx is one of the leaders in traditional customer service, as well as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Pacific, in Financial Services. We are delighted to partner with such a capable and like minded organisation like Hejj, to bring a very capable and high potential service to the Pacific.

*Hejj Robo (short for robotic trading) AI accounts are consistently achieving 1-5% per month returns (20%+ annually), and are invitation only, while in pre-launch, with a USD 10,000 minimum investment. 


Bank Accounts and Elite Rewards Cards

Soon: Get your Australian and New Zealand Accounts opened before  you arrive in NZ or Australia with ease. Provided via KlickEx in New Zealand, and KlickEx owned AusPAY in Australia.

Australian bank accounts will soon be available directly through your choice of mobile money provider, or the convenient Universal Pacific Financial Portal (KlickEx) (from 2022) – and New Zealand Accounts are coming soon, too.


Also coming soon: Use your preferred mobile money service to receive payroll (as-is, or with your own KlickEx issued bank account number) and then apply for and activate your very own Pacific Elite Rewards Visa card, to make life easier.

KlickEx Visa Pacific Elite Rewards Card
KlickEx Visa Pacific Elite Rewards Card

Congratulations on this wonderful opportunity.


KlickEx is always looking to offer RSE Workers, and the families who miss them, amazing support services that really help – and if financial – where they deliver maximum value to you and your family at minimum cost. As part of this mission, we have held absolute leadership in low-cost and 24/7 available payments to the Pacific for over 10 years. As we have grown – and as the RSE needs have also grown, we have added the above excellent services, to allow you to maximise the benefit that you receive while you are away from home – while protecting and serving you and your family during this time.

We are a company that listens – and our team aims simply to deliver the best platforms, services, and products, to our customers, however we can. This is why we have become one of the most reliable, best trusted, and best-value brands that serve the Pacific – and why we are always adding new and needed services – not just to the 8,000 RSEs and Seasonal Workers that we provide great facilities for, but to more than 200,000 everyday customers and their families, in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

Yours Sincerely,

KlickEx Group CEO


Robert Bell.