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The Point 2018 – Payments NZ

Robert Bell, Executive Chairman of KlickEx

The Point 2018 – Payments NZ

The Point 2018 by Payments NZ, Auckland.

IBM and KlickEx have launched a new Blockchain Solution for crossborder payments that reduces the settlement time and lowers the costs for businesses and consumers. KlickEx pioneered the use of mobile apps and other emerging technologies to provide convenient and accessible solutions to help pacific communities with their banking transactions.

The Executive Chairman Robert Bell share how blockchain is enabling a new area of real-time payments and foreign exchange to transform payments, and why the South Pacific was the perfect choice for IBM to launch the solution.

The solution we adopted [with IBM] was not about the imaginated benefits of Blockchain. It was about outputs and mesurable delivery.
– Robert Bell

The point Conference, Auckland – June 25 – 27th, 2018

The Point 2018 - KlickEX