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Financial inclusion & Mobile Money in the Pacific

October 2017:

Ranked the No.1 low cost remittance service in the Pacific by The World Bank, KlickEx is easy, fast and is the lowest cost payment system in the Pacific.

(Updated November 2021).

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For more than a decade, KlickEx has shown leadership in global mobile money platform innovation, by enabling people to send bill payments, buy shopping, airtime credit, and to send money to mobile phones across the Pacific, from bank accounts, third party financial service providers (including card schemes), or large agent networks – in less than two minutes between New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, and Fiji.

Pacific Innovation: It began with Digicel

KlickEx’s long standing partnership with Digicel for regional payments and financial inclusion is one of the most successful remittance and digital financial service partnerships in the world, judged by household penetration, cost impact, and user uptake. Utilising many world leading, award winning, and still unmatched features, KlickEx’s Digicel Mobile Money service still processes over 85% of all digital payments to the unbanked in the Pacific, and receives over 60% of national remittances in some corridors.

Growth and Best Practice:

Updated: Since the launch of, all other mobile network operators operating a mobile money cross-border service have joined in KlickEx’s mission for financial inclusion and technological innovation.

Behind the scenes – we power card terminals, acquiring (in limited scenarios), Central Bank FX Sales and Purchases, Government Bond Trading, Currency/Notes Management, Cheque/Truncation/Image processing, Regional real time e-KYC, PEP, CDD, and SDN services, as well as our prolific multi-currency neo-banking services that underwrite the mobile money multi-currency wallets, cash out systems, and ATM services.

Since the beginning, we have proudly welcomed Vodafone, Wantok, and TCC to the family.

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