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Domestic Payment System at KlickEx

KlickEx has been building domestic payment systems for more that ten years.

Beginning in Tonga, KlickEx built the first real time inter-bank payment system between ANZ bank and Westpac Bank of Tonga in 2009, after a two year consultative development program. This service enabled real-time transfers between the two domestic banks for the first time, for customers registered for the service. In 2013 the Tonga Development Bank was also added to the system, and BSP was included briefly and seamlessly following their acqusition of Westpac Bank of Tonga in 2015.

In 2010, the VOSnet domestic payment system was rolled out in Samoa, again with both Westpac and ANZ as key institutions included; adding the National Bank of Samoa in 2014.

And in 2011, Mobile Money was added to the Participants in Tonga, Samoa and Fiji, where Digicel Mobile Money ran the highest penetrating mobile money service in the world, per capita, with nearly 100% of households using or accessing a digital financial service each quarter.

Our domestic system, known as VOSnet, was first established as a very necessary engine for in-country distribution and collection for our regional real-time payments project, established in partnership with the UN Capital Development Program, the European Union, and the New Zealand and Australian Governments. The domestic payment service was an essential segment of the core regional offering. 

Devising systems for safe settlement and various methods of identifying cleared funds was key to this technology, and emerged as the regional standard, from our experiences with connecting to payment infrastructure in Australia, New Zealand and of course the United Kingdom, which had just rolled out the FASTER payment system at that time, as well as the USA and Hong Kong. Since 2011, hundreds of millions of Pounds, Dollars, Pa’anga, Tala, Vatu, and Kina have flowed through our services in ISO 20022 format seamlessly and efficiently around the region.

In 2018 KlickEx became an official member of payments New Zealand – New Zealand’s national clearing infrastructure.

While KlickEx did not build the domestic payment system for New Zealand, as that has been in electronic format since the 1960s, KlickEx is very pleased to be a part of one of the worlds leading domestic payment infrastructures. KlickEx dominates the domestic by market share and volume, in electronic payment capabilities within several South Pacific countries. The domestic payment systems incorporate AML/CTF and SDN/PEP monitoring and screening services in real time, and are deployed in 8 countries with real time reporting to regulators in each market. VOSnet is the only domestic real-time electronic payments between institions in the South Pacific, accounting for three times the volume of all Government Payments (the next biggest issuer) in both Tonga and Samoa, on a monthly basis.


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