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Aspire, from the ground, up. 

KlickEx is proud to be involved in an exciting new banking project.

Built on providing quality customer services and a seamless user experience, KlickEx is supporting the work on a new, full service New Zealand Bank, that will connect with New Zealanders via more than 80 locations nation-wide.

From the Far North to the Deep South:

In addition to over 80 consumer locations, National Regional Service Hubs are opeataional in:

     Auckland (Technology, Finance & Treasury, HR).
✔      Tauranga (Operations and Disaster Recovery).
✔      Wellington (Regulatory Control, Transaction Monitoring & Network Security).
✔      Blenheim (Call Centers, Data Backup).

Proposed Locations:

    • Canterbury (In-house Legal, Lending Operations, Cards).
    • Otago (International Services, Disaster Recovery 2).

Anticipated to launch with a client base of over 180,000 clients, Aspire Bank™ promises strong, safe, and ethical credit, more flexible accounts and consumer services, and a high level of focuss on long-term thinking aligned with you, your family, and your community.

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